Practice Areas

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal issues. The main areas that clients need assistance with are listed to the right with a basic definition. There are other areas that do not fit specifically under those headings that involve family relationships. Virtually all issues relating to families depend on the individual facts of the case. As such, it is difficult and unwise to assume that one situation will receive the same results. Because of the personal nature of issues in this area, many people speak to friends or other family members who have gone through a similar situation or case. However, the details to each case are often unknown or possibly misinterpreted and reliance upon that person’s experience can be very risky.

Attorneys serve not only as experts to inform parties of the law and the legal process but also provide a third party perspective to a situation. An attorney can often provide insight into how someone, be it a Judge or an expert witness or other professional, may see the situation. A quality attorney with many years of experience can provide advice that dramatically changes not only the actual legal steps being taken but the overall view a party may have of the entire situation.